Life Matters Launches INSURALITY, a Game-Changing Presentation Software for Life Insurance Agents


Life Matters Revolutionizes Life Insurance Industry with Groundbreaking Presentation Software: INSURALITY

Nationwide – April 17, 2024 ( – Life Matters, a leading innovator in the life insurance industry, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge presentation software designed to empower life insurance agents and revolutionize the way policies are presented to clients. This game-changing software simplifies the sales process, enhances client understanding, and increases policy success rates.

The software empowers agents with a simple process to create a fully comprehensive, strategic life insurance plan, featuring a user-friendly drag-and-drop product interface, customizable agent and client profiles, charts and additional visuals to help clients understand complex life insurance concepts. With these key features, agents can streamline their workflow, provide personalized recommendations, and ultimately improve client satisfaction.

In today’s digital age, technological innovation is crucial in financial services. Life Matters’ presentation software not only enhances agent productivity but also contributes to better financial literacy and preparedness among consumers. By providing a user-friendly platform for agents to educate clients on complex products, this software is reshaping the way life insurance is presented and understood.

“Most life insurance agents write a policy on someone and move on to the next opportunity,” said Matthew Wilson, CEO of Life Matters. “But clients are left wondering how that one policy fits into their overall strategy and plan for their life. Where we’re missing the boat as an industry is providing that comprehensive plan in a way that’s simple to understand.”

“We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking presentation software to the market. Our goal is to empower agents with the tools they need to effectively communicate the value of life insurance to their clients. We believe this software will not only streamline the sales process but also improve client satisfaction and retention.”

Life Matters invites all life insurance agents and clients to experience the benefits of this innovative software as soon as it is released. For more information and to join the early interest list, visit

Matthew Wilson, CEO
Life Matters
[email protected]



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